Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to Pens From The Pen

This site is brought to you by Marlon Peterson who is a writer, a poet, a journalist, a facilitator, and an individual with a lot to say. Because he is currently incarcerated at Otisville State Correctional Facility, and thus does not have access to the internet, the site will be maintained for the time being by Smiling Sara, a blessed invidual who had the privilege of meeting and working with Marlon during her time as a student intern working in Transitional Services at Otisville. Each of the links to the right connect to pages that contain writings, articles, poetry, art, and words from Marlon and other voices and individuals who are either incarcerated at Otisville or have current or previous involvement in the Transitional Services program.

Click on the links to the right of the page to explore, and welcome to Pens from the Pen: Alternative Media From Where You Would Least Expect It!